Capsule - Smart Photo Assistant Device / by Jarmo Ikonen

Capsule - Media Device - Industrial Design.jpg

I have been working with Capsule Labs team for over a year with the industrial design aspect and now the product has gone live in Kickstarter. Capsule is a smart photo assistant that automatically backs-up photos in a private and secure home based cloud. The end goal and challenge for the design was to achieve modern, timeless and stylish form. I was requested to avoid traditional box-like or bent aluminum designs. I was presented a selection of inspirational images that included art installations, sculptures and futuristic products. I did produce many different ideas for the Capsule and from these ideas we came up with a design that merges all the technical requirements and aesthetic inspirations. I used simple sphere shape as the basic plan for the device with natural patterns and shapes. If you are interested supporting great new photography product, go and check Capsule at Kickstarter >